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Notice on Innovation

In daily work, you or because of a little advice to customers, or because of a question of customers, or because of a conversation with colleagues, and so on, will wipe out the new idea.

Dear, come together, our thoughts, to share out! The company the next innovation products may use is your idea for us to get our act together. Never let the ideas out in the stomach, that is regretless youth!

Since May 10, 2015, the company held for a period of two months, the innovation of "creativecollection activities".

Not limited to department, not limited to post, no age limit, as long as the relevant ideas andyour company engaged in the product, or improvement, or ideas, or innovation, are available through the text, or a picture, or video, into the company marketing group, or e-mail:

The company will be preferred in July and announced the award 1500 yuan, 1000 yuan, 500 yuan.

Please play an active creative talents, to set the Thames a great coup! To marketing planning group waiting for you!













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